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Jurassic World Icons Statue Velociraptor C 7 cm

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Icons is the newest Iron Studios line, composed of statues of the most famous dinosaurs from Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, in miniatures over stylized pedestals with the movie logo, thoroughly presenting the same realistic details in their anatomy and painting as seen in their larger-scale statues. A new collection that shall add even more collectors, bringing an affordable, cost-effective format, both in price and in physical space, impressing with their richness in detail and standard of quality and excellence, which are trademarks of Iron Studios.

One of the most popular dinosaurs in the cinematographic media of Jurassic Park, with great relevance in all the movies. Usually seen hunting in packs, and portrayed as highly intelligent, capable of setting traps and communicating with each other. Invading the Visitor Center of Jurassic Park, the sound of their claws hitting the ground and their howls and roars of communication frightened John Hammond's grandchildren and led them to take refuge in the kitchen...It's still remembered to this day in the memorable scene from the 1993 movie that still gives goosebumps, where Steven Spielberg and Stan Winston Studios showed how dangerous the Velociraptors are. Iron Studios bring another version of this iconic predator with the statue "Velociraptor C - Jurassic Park Icons", in a pose emulating the fearsome dinosaur sneaking around, using its keen senses to observe any movement in its habitat.

Size: 7,5 x 10,5 x 9 cm

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