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Marvel Comics D-Stage PVC Diorama Throg 17 cm

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Marvels long and illustrious history of superheroes often surprises fans with weird and outlashes comic characters! First seen in 1896's 'Thor #364', a special chapter surprised fans when Thor's younger brother Loki casts a spell on the mighty God Of Thunder turning him into a cute frog, opening a new wonderous journey for the miniature hero!

Released under the D-Stage, 'Staging Your Dream' collection from Beast Kingdom, the 'Throg' Diorama is a fun and humorous recreation of the mini Frog-Thor in the midst of a battle with a large crocodile! Sporting his signature cape, costume and mighty Mjolnir hammer, only in tiny form and worn by a frog, the battle itself looks anything but mini. Epic in scope with waves splashing amongst the dense forest trees and carefully recreated in three dimensional form, this is a diorama fit for any Throg fan!

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