Original Character by Kuuki Sato PVC 1/5 Nina Sumeragi 35 cm

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?Nina Sumeragi?an original illustration of Kuuki Sato; now in Bunny Combat Uniform!

Nina Sumeragi is just an ordinary school girl during the day...but her true identity is a bounty hunter ?Bounty Nina?who travels all over space!
The space pirate Pigstar, who has been aiming for the treasure of earth, will be hit tonight with her favorite rocket launcher "Dread Party" ?

We have transformed Kuuki Sato's original character into a 1/5 scale!

As a professional artist, he has been doing a lot of character designs as part of his life. After tons of meetings in regards with the
costume design, color scheme and even what the background setting would look like, Maccaron 24 was able to manufacture this figure into a
gorgeous lady!

Furthermore, the total height is 35.5 cm including the rabbit ears, which is the biggest size in FROG history!
Putting it on display has such a powerful impact!

The bunny costume with its glossy design, her full breasts look like it's going to burst from the suit's plunging neckline,
the profound feeling you'll get from looking at the outstanding rocket launcher behind her slender long legs,
feeling the different textures on each part of this pink costume..... this figure is definitely something you can enjoy with
its finest details!

You can choose if you like the upper part undone or change the interchangeable crotch as what it's like in the original illustration.
It's all up to you!

Enjoy the night and explore the space together with ?Nina Sumeragi(Bounty Nina)?as she defeats her enemies!
Do not miss the chance to get her now!

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