P-Bandai: Real Experience Model RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (AUTO TRANSFORM Edition)
Release Date: November 2021

GunPla had just taken a huge step with this amazing announcement. The Gundam Unicorn is going to get a transformable bust model that also emits lights and produces sound effects and even voice acting from the original OVA series.

The automatic transformation also also produces both green (final battle) and red NT-D mode for the Unicorn Gundam. All transformation process are programmed in the CPU provided in the kit!

The bust model stands about 39cm tall up to the tip of its horns when fully transformed. See comparison image with a Real Grade model of the Unicorn Gundam.

The robot unit consists of multiple options in which you can choose which episode from Mobile Suit Unicorn Gundam OVA series you'd like to play - each episode will present different sound effects, music and lighting effects.

A special website showing all features and gimmicks of the transformable kit is available at the Bandai Hobby site: https://bandai-hobby.net/site/auto_trans/

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