RG 1/144 WING GUNDAM - Nye billeder

Release Date: June 2021

Bandai Spirits announces that they are releasing the Wing Gundam in Real Grade GunPla series! The 3D CG prototype images features new gimmicks for its wing span, which also pays respect to the aesthetics featured in the RG Wing Gundam EW ver.
The kit also features a full transformation gimmick without changing any parts. Bandai Spirits is yet to reveal the full decal installation once the actual model is ready for some amazing studio shots!
The model is completed with its unique weapons and accessories, that includes; a buster rifle, a shield, a beam saber, action base connectors, three types of manipulators (hand parts) for both left and right hands, one extra right hand to hold the buster rifle, and of course a sheet of realistic decal!

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