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Hexa Gear Plastic Model Kit 1/24 Windfall Nightstalkers Version 27 cm

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WINDFALL, the pride of Liberty Alliance's aerial reconnaissance aircraft HEXA GEAR, makes its comeback in a Night Stalkers' version! This new version is packed with features including a deployable head sensor and Scarecrow Mk-3 that can separate from the back and gives new wind to the kit's flights, all in this new Hexa-black colorway.


- Exceed Plasma Cannon
- Blast Charge
- Plasma Talon
- Gravity Controllers
- Deception Repeater

Model Specifications:

- This kit is a variation kit of WINDFALL featuring a different color scheme and Night Stalkers emblem decals.
- The giant head is equipped with a retractable radar mast, openable protective shutters, and a camera shutter that can be deployed, allowing for two different expressions.
- The head unit is designed with the HEXA G-R.A.M System to be able to divide into upper and lower parts for a variety of uses.
- Scarecrow Mk-3 can be detached from the main body of WINDFALL to be used as a companion machine or as a small HEXA GEAR for Governors.
- Scarecrow Mk-3 can be transformed between a backward-jointed bipedal mode to a combined mode. The armored windshield is made with clear parts for increased realism.
- The neck features a universal joint that allows it to flexibly move up, down, left and right. The cables inside the frame are made of soft tubes for added texture and freedom of movement.
- The flaps on the solid wing are articulated and the claws on the front of the main thruster can be extended for a landing posture. The main thruster covers also open and close with the internal fins.
- A special clear black base is included to display the model mid-flight.
*The base is made with parts from the Flying Base Neo and comes in an exclusive color. Only one base is included.
- Separately sold Governors can board the model, and M.S.G weapon units (sold separately) can be attached to the hardpoints in various parts of the model.

Included Items:

- Scarecrow Mk-3 ×1
- Exceed Plasma Cannon ×1
- Blast Charge ×1
- Special Base ×1
- Archive Card ×1
- Night Stalkers Emblem Decals ×1

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Hexa Gear Plastic Model Kit 1/24 Windfall Nightstalkers Version 27 cm
Hexa Gear Plastic Model Kit 1/24 Windfall Nightstalkers Version 27 cm Sale priceDKK 928,00