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Hexa Gear Plastic Model Kit 1/24 Ba Loudgale 17 cm

SalgsprisDKK 829,00


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Model Specifications:
- The model can be converted from an offroad Vehicle Mode to Humanoid Mode.
- The cockpit can be opened and closed, allowing a separately sold Governor unit to be placed inside.
- The completely exposed cockpit in Vehicle Mode becomes fully closed in Humanoid Mode, protecting the pilot.
- The head sensor can be opened and closed creating two styles for users to enjoy: A more rustic Closed Face Mode and a more heroic Open Face Mode.
- The model's large main weapon, the Monster Bullet, is a combination of a grenade launcher and shotgun. It features a bullet reload feature and can be used separately as well.
- Each part is sculpted in fine detail, down to the bullets inside the shotgun magazine.
- Enjoy reenacting the model using the laser cutter by attaching the effect parts onto its left and right forearms.
- The large Wild Tires are made of PVC, fitting for an offroad machine. Spare tires are equipped on the back, so the model can be displayed in scenes such as Governors changing its tires.
- The armor equipped on its body and shoulder can be opened from the front side. The arms have a wide range of flexibility to create various dynamic action poses.
- A rifle with the same design as BULKARM GLANZ is included. Two long expandable magazines are included, which can be connected together with its 3mm connection joint.
- The color scheme of this model is desert yellow, brown, clear green, clear yellow, smoke gray, metallic gray, gunmetal, and black.

Included Items:
- BA LOUDGALE Model ×1 Set
- Monster Bullet ×1 Set
- Mount Arm for Monster Bullet ×1 Set
- Forearm Effect Parts ×2
- Experimental Rifle ×1
- Expandable Magazine for Experimental Rifle ×2
- Archive Card ×1

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Hexa Gear Plastic Model Kit 1/24 Ba Loudgale 17 cm
Hexa Gear Plastic Model Kit 1/24 Ba Loudgale 17 cm SalgsprisDKK 829,00