Megami Device Plastic Model Kit 1/1 SOL Hornet 14 cm

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"Megami Device" is a new plastic model kit series which you enjoy by attaching weapon and armor parts on to articulated Bishoujo models. The main body model "machinika" is newly designed by Masaki Apsy and the 1st collaboration designer is Fumikane Shimada!

Kotobukiya proudly present SOL Hornet from their new Megami Device series.


- Several types of pre-painted face parts are included
- Display in "Busou Mode" with mechanical armor or "Sotai Mode" without mechanical armors through the use of exchangableof parts.
- New body model "machinika" has an amazing articulation and it can be posed with weapons or in a natuarl seated position.
- Set includes various weapon parts such as rifles and swords.
- The item features holes with diameter of 3mm and is compatible with previously released items from Kotobukiya'S M.S.G series, Frame Arms, and Frame Arms Girl series.
- Set includes different types of PVC made hand parts (left and right) for display holding weapons or open hand. The hand parts are compatible with previously released M.S.G series, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl series items.
- Set includes decals such as eyes and markings.

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