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Monsters, Inc. Mini Egg Attack Figure CDA 8 cm

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The 2001 animated classic 'Monster, Inc' is one of the most cherished releases from Pixar! Melding fantasy into a warm story of friendship, the story follows Sully and Mike, two of top scarers of Monsters Incorporated, a sprawling scare factory that fuels the monster world! Yet when they are bested by a small child named Boo, the friends have their lives turned upside when they have to race against time to save the human world's children!
Beast Kingdom's 'Mini Egg Attack' range of miniature figurines are back with set of popular characters from the Monster, Inc movie!

Monsters, Inc. Limited Edition (CDA) - The Child Detection Agency (or CDA for short) is a group of monsters from the film Monsters, Inc.. They are a CIA-like group whose main job is to search and take away any type of children contaminant. Their decontamination methods are often painful: Anyone who has been decontaminated by the CDA will be forced to wear a plastic cone over their heads like a pet who has been given surgery and is not allowed to lick the wounds.

Each mini figurine is manufactured and painted to the highest standard. Collect all of the 'MEA-039 Monsters, Inc' series. Grab them all and bring some cut, yet scary monsters to a desk near you!

Limited Edition of 2000 pieces.

Please note: For this item, demand is expected to be higher than the available quantity, which may result in allocations or cancellations of quantities ordered.

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Monsters, Inc. Mini Egg Attack Figure CDA 8 cm
Monsters, Inc. Mini Egg Attack Figure CDA 8 cm SalgsprisDKK 88,00