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Spider-Man: No Way Home Egg Attack Action Figure Spider-Man Integrated Suit 17 cm

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"This is all my fault. I can't save everyone."

The release of the trailer for "Spider-Man: No Way Home," the highly anticipated sequel to far from home, has left fans reeling. The brand new Integrated Suit seen in the trailer has been the source of much discussion. From the unique interlaced metal texture to the new layering of red, blue and gold, it is different from previously seen Spider-Man uniforms.

Entertainment brand Beast Kingdom presents the new Integrated Suit uniform as part of the EAA series of 6-inch tall action figures. The figure's appearance is strengthened by the whole-body lines, the familiar spider web pattern, and metallic paint. It also retains the high mobility of the standard version and includes multiple eye designs, hand shapes and other accessories. The stunning Integrated Suit is faithfully restored in this figure allowing fans to freely express all kinds of Spider-Man fighting stances. Friends who love the Egg Attack series, don't miss this addition to the Spider-Man series!

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