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1/100 Non Grade Gundam RE/100 AMX-103 Hamma Hamma


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AMX-103 Hamma-Hamma fra "Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ" joiner nu 1/100 RE/100 lineup serien. Dette spektakulære kit er fuld poserbart efter samling og støbt i en smuk grøn farve. Den er udstyret med den destinktive wire-guidede Beam Claw og super fede Shield. Der medfølger desuden 2 Beam Sabers og 4 display baser til armene.

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        Base ikke inkluderet.

        Ikke egnet til små børn, da der er mange små dele.

        Release Date:Jul 2017
        Series:Zeta Gundam
        Item Size/Weight:39.2cm x 31.0cm x 9.5cm / 920g
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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 1 review
        Huge - Needs a base

        This is a RE 1/100 kit, meaning it's something Bandai thought looked cool and wanted to make a kit of it, but it's not up to the standard of a Master Grade (mechanics/detail, even if it's in the same scale, meaning there are shortcomings.
        Think of it as an HG kit in MG size.

        This thing is huge, it stands even taller than the Gundam ZZ.
        Right off the bat, if you want to get this, you need to understand that this can't stand on its own unless you tighten all the leg and foot joints. You need a base to pose this and not have it slump over. Despite its bulk, a lot of the plastic is hollow as there is no inner frame, so it's not that heavy and is stable on a base.
        The arms feature two extension parts which can't hold their own weight, which is why there are 4 small stands included.

        With all that in mind, this is a unique and interesting kit which features, as mentioned, extension parts (2 for each arm) with wires that you need to cut and thread through the parts as the manual instructs. Do not cut longer than what the manual lists, because you have very little to spare. You put the parts on by pulling the arm apart and putting the extensions in between (and removing an articulated elbow).
        Included are two giant beam sabers with yellow beam effects and a huge shield which is nicely detailed on both sides.

        The beam sabers have a peg that fit on the inside of the 'claw hands' and the claws themselves are articulated and can open or close. The beam sabers can be stored on the inside of the shield.
        The toes/heels and skirts are articulated to some degree. The eye can turn left/right, but you need to remove the top cover to do so or use a toothpick. The shoulders can push forwards quite far.

        While there's quite a bit of articulation, it can't actually hold its poses that well and a lot of its own parts get in the way.

        I give it a full rating because for the grade it's in, it looks quite impressive and has nice detail. It is a perfect candidate for airbrushing or even kitbashing.