Creators Opinion PVC Statue 1/4 Mihiro Sashou Bunny Ver. 20 cm

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Lewd & Charming OL Bunny illustrated by infinote!

Mihiro Sashou is a mysterious and attractive OL originally designed and illustrated by infinote.

Mihiro owns a beautiful smile that can attract anyone...
Has a lewd and indecent body that is ready to receive and accept?
And is now suggesting something while in such a bold appearance which we have recreated as a BIG Scale Figure?
What are we waiting for?

Getting and achieving Mihiro's body proportion was the priority.
Mihiro's trademark is her cool beauty hairstyle with her bangs covering one eye but still being able to express herself clearly is that type of gap I tell you.
Her bunny suit is cast off so you can enjoy dissecting her whole body with every millimeters.
As per standards, Net tights are made of sewn material, so you can feel OL that rawness.

Please don't miss the opportunity to have a wonderful work from home experience with Mihiro... <3

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