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D.L Model Decal - UC35 - MG MSN-04 Sazabi Ver. Ka 1/100


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D.L Model Decal - UC35 - MG MSN-04 Sazabi Ver. Ka 1/100

Water Slide Decal

Customer Reviews

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Shiny and a little gritty

The yellow transfers for the MG Ver Ka Sazabi don't look very nice, so I got this sheet as an alternative.

I'll list the differences and interest points for this product:
1. The shield emblem is not the same. The original is stylized while this one is more detailed, as each tip breaks into more tips.
2. The material is not uniform, it looks gritty or a little worn. Whether you like this or not is up to you, personally I do since it adds variety in the shine.
3. The color of the gold is 'golden yellow' - Often this gold comes off as cheap (think decorative fake gold, such as those used on chinese decorations), but it compliments the black and red scheme of the Sazabi. A browner gold like on the RG would've been a bit better.
4. The luster is unpolished with a high shine. While my model stands in shadow, the gold is nearly invisible while the white original transfers are still visible. In light it has high play and shine.
5. The detail is significantly lower than the original transfers, notably when it comes to the text which looks random and garbled compared to the original transfers which look uniform, this is likely due to the material.
6. The glue is good, much better than the Bandai ones. No peels so far.
7. The edge of the watermark is tight, closer to the transfers than the Bandai ones, which leaves less of a border - Very nice.
8. There is a Zeon symbol missing, replaced with a bird icon, that goes on the left side of the chest. Likely due to copyright reasons.

I'm not a stickler for details, I just really didn't like the original yellow icon on the shield, which I think looks stupid.
If you have very high expectations for what you put on your model kits, this probably won't meet your standards, but then again neither would the original ones. For the purposes of looking cool if a slight bit unoriginal, they're great transfers and I enjoy the look of them.
It's also been nice to have extra lines to break up the monotonous red of the Sazabi.
Transfers on it make a *huge* difference and breaking it up a little more with some gold ones gives it more play, though I'd stick with the white lines where you can and add the gold ones to break up whereever there's too much red.

D.L Model Decal - UC35 - MG MSN-04 Sazabi Ver. Ka 1/100
D.L Model Decal - UC35 - MG MSN-04 Sazabi Ver. Ka 1/100 Salgspris69,00