ENTRY GRADE Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Son Goku

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Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Son Goku from "Dragon Ball Super" appears in the introductory series "ENTRY GRADE" for all plastic model inexperienced people!
■ Powerful physical modeling! The shape of the joints is particular about the whole body, and the modeling of the muscles is also produced in detail.
■ The complex shape of the hair is reproduced by dividing the parts.
■ Eyes and eyebrows are reproduced by dividing the parts into different colors.
■ Total number of parts 38. No glue or tools required! Easy assembly with snap fit and touch gate method!

■ Runner x 4
■ Instruction manual x 1
■ Seal x 1 kit.

Base ikke inkluderet.

Ikke egnet til små børn, da der er mange små dele.

Release Date: Mar 2020
Series: Entry Grade 
Item Size/Weight: 400g
Billeder af produkterne kan være professionelt malede eller computergengivne og kan afvige fra det faktiske produkt

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