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Frame Arms Girl Qpmini Plastic Model Kit Innocentia 7 cm



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Frame Arms Girl Innocentia joins the brand new Qpmini series as its latest release!

This series takes a different approach to the "hand scale" series.
This model comes to life in a chibi scale based on Humikane Shimada's bishoujo-style character art design!

Model Specifications:

- This miniature model uses data from the FRAME ARMS GIRL INNOCENTIA plastic model to maintain a high level of detail and accuracy even at the smaller scale.
- Despite its small stature of 68mm, the model boasts 26 points of articulation.
- Two new pre-painted face parts are included: default facing forward and facing forward crying.
- The face parts are compatible with the Frame Arms Girl series.
- Multiple decals that include a variety of eye prints are included.
- Two unprinted face parts for use with decals are included.
- In addition to open and closed hand parts, this model kit also includes slightly larger hands for holding weapons.
- Two weapon grips are included for attaching parts such as M.S.G weapons.
- Two parts are also included for attaching equipment such as M.S.G weapons that will convert the connection points from 2mm holes to 3mm convexes.
- A specially designed base for this series is included.

What is the Qpmini series?
The Qpmini series is a series in which Kotobukiya uses their precision modeling technology to create miniature plastic models featuring unprecedented detail and poseablilty.

The multi-colored plastic and pre-printed face parts allow the models to be fully assembled with no painting required.

With the use of PVC hands, these models are compatible with a vast selection of parts from the M.S.G, Frame Arms Girl, Hexa Gear, and Frame Arms series.

In future releases, the head, arms, legs and other parts of certain models will be compatible with each other, giving users even more customization options as this series grows.

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Frame Arms Girl Qpmini Plastic Model Kit Innocentia 7 cm
Frame Arms Girl Qpmini Plastic Model Kit Innocentia 7 cm Salgspris185,00