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Gaming Harem PVC 1/5 Mayumu Kanbi 26 cm

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Mayumu Kanbi from Tomoe Sasamori Famous Series, "Gaming Harem", Recreated In 1/5 Scale!

From the hit series "Gaming Harem" comes Mayumu Kanbi!
Mayumu is an office worker, whom you met and befriended together with other online gamers through Social Media.
In the midst of gaming, she pulls up her knits, with a playful gentle smile... Well, what's your next move?

The figure encapsulates Mayumu's adult charm and sex appeal,
Allured with her bewitching aroma, just a whiff of her scent and you'll revel in her essence and sense her skin's moisture..
Under the complete supervision of Tomoe Sasamori, Mayumu's beautiful curved body lines and other important details have been fully reproduced,
Including the spilling of her exposed chest and bare feet extending from the skirt.

In addition, there are seductive and sexy face parts which you can't imagine coming from her Neat(Seiso) Appearance,
Game Controller can be replaced with a Rotor for a more intense gaming experience.
Please look forward to the Sisterly charms of Mayumu-san and have and have the most exciting time of your gaming life.

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Gaming Harem PVC 1/5 Mayumu Kanbi 26 cm
Gaming Harem PVC 1/5 Mayumu Kanbi 26 cm SalgsprisDKK 2.997,00