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RG Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina 1/144


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Den destinktive Real Grade Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina fra "Gundam Seed Astray" vanvittig flotte reproducerede exteriør tekstur og dens "Maga no Ikutachi" på ryggen, kan udvide sig og trækkes sammen. Amatsu Mina er udstyret med Okitsu no Kagami, Trikeros Kai, 2 af Totsuka no Tsurugi,  Tsumuha no Tachi og 2 af Maga no Shirahoko. 

OBS. Ønsker du water slides til dette kit, så finder du det her

Base ikke inkluderet.

Ikke egnet til små børn, da der er mange små dele.

>DETAILS Release Date:Mar 2017
Series:Gundam Seed VS Astray
Item Size/Weight:31.0cm x 19.2cm x 8.3cm / 510g
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Customer Reviews

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Mikkel Sørensen
Fantastisk kit

Hvis du kan lige kits udseende Bør man købe Amatsu Mina. Man skal bare være obs på at det er en RG og ikke en HG så bør det gå fint

Glossy Vampire Gundam

The Amatsu Mina is the 3rd iteration of the Gold Frame Astray, which has been remade with new parts, glossy black armor, leftover parts from the destroyed Blitz Gundam and still equipped with its golden frame, reserved for the royal families of Orb.

This kit is packed with a large amount of runners for a model of this size and a hefty amount of color separation.
There is a brown injection gold, yellow injection gold, glossy black, glossy brown-black, dark red, lilac-grey, transparent blue and transparent orange.

Most of the parts are identical to the RG Astray Red Frame and so it has the same layered arms, legs and torso, but it stops there as the model is asymmetrical. The right arm and shoulder is from the Gundam Blitz, the shin plates are Blitz inspired, the feet are entirely different with a spiked toe design, the head is a 'Robin Hood' cap form without any V-fin, the left shoulder has a Blitz inspired wing and there are a few more smaller details, as well as the unique backpack and a different equipment kit.

Overall the idea is that the appearance is a 'vampire Gundam' who sucks energy from other mobile suits.

The kit isn't entirely undergated (though most of it is) and so a little care is needed with the gloss black plastic, which otherwise looks phenomenal, as black plastics usually have swirls or other unwanted patterns.
The injection golds (4 runners!) are ugly as all injection golds are, but they're a nice accent and most of it shows through the armor or is hidden.

There are plenty of opportunities for panel lining on the gold frame, but a lot of it will be hidden and you should be careful as it may crack the plastic. Using an oil wash instead is likely better.

There is a sheet of the usual RG decals and foils, however these have a gloss shine which matches the kit better. Stickers and dark plastic never really mix well, so ordering water slide decals is recommended (although it'll be a difficult job due to the small size).

This kit uses the MS Joint System which will loosen over time.
The legs show off a lot of the internals when bending, making for a stunning display and in general this frame has a good range of articulation with an internal extra ab crunch, moving wrists/ankles and the skirts don't get in the way. Nothing special, nothing bad.
The inner frame is very stiff and you need to pre-bend everything, otherwise you risk breaking the plastic when it's assembled - This is especially true for the waist ab crunch, otherwise you WILL break the peg that holds the chest together with the waist.
The right arm features what may have been the first solid RG inner frame and suffers none of the long term issues of the MS Joint System.

The backpack is a huge midsection and a pair of massive 'vampire claws' that have seven joints each, but all of them have a limited range of movement, so while these 'claws' can extend and move around a lot, the actual arm portions don't move much.

8 Hands - 2 Wide spread open hands (grey and gold), 2 Holding hands (grey and gold) 2 Closed fists (only one is color accurate) 2 RG articulated hands (not color accurate).
1 arm mounted tri-claw - Each claw slides forwards and backwards.
1 arm mounted sliding lance - There is a detachable spear/shield tip which you can put a cable in between. The tip can either be an energy spear tip or fold out and mount an energy shield.
1 hand held Offensive Blade Shield - Formerly mounted on the Blitz, this "shield" is a massive blade with a beamgun and a holder for 3 javelins - Has a handle and can be pegged into the right forearm.
2 side skirt mounted Swords.
1 transparent stand to hold the spear
2 cables - 1 thick for the spear 1 thin for the wing rockets (cut in half)
1 golden Mina mini pilot figure

There's a good handful of left over parts, including an entire extra right arm and most of the shoulder.

It's a stunning looking kit, almost entirely due to the glossy black plastic (black+gold is a classic combo) and it's full of things to adjust and/or play with. While it can come off a little busy looking, it's well suited for an aerial pose with the back claws reaching out.
The backpack is a little cumbersome to position and a lot of little tips and spikes get in the way, but it's largely cool and holds its weight well.

It's an over-the-top and uniquely designed model kit. If you like the idea of an 'edgy' vampire robot this is a must buy. If you're more into the realistic robots, this might be a little too much for you ;)

Karsten Krogsgaard

alt gik som smurt, nok den hurtigste rasponse på man har købt til den var sendt afsted til den var hjem, rigtigt godt pakke ind så ingen ting kun gå i stykker

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