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■ The second HGFC is Nobel Gundam from "Mobile Fighter G Gundam"! ■ Five ribbons of PET material are included. If you decorate it with the attached pedestal, you can create a lively effect. ■ Equipped with a swing function on the waist. You can reproduce feminine poses. ■ In order to reproduce the impressive "Princess Dako" scene, a special HGFC God Gundam Hirate has been added. Molded product x 5, PET material x 1, foil seal x 1, assembly instructions

Base ikke inkluderet.

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Release Date:Jan 2011
Series:Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Item Size/Weight:33.0cm x 22.0cm x 10cm / 500g
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Customer Reviews

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Sailor Moon Gundam?? (base IS included)

Nobel, Noble, or Nobell Gundam (they're all interchangable, it's due to Japan being terrible at the latin alphabet) is one of the allies of the protagonist God Gundam from the series 'Mobile Fighter G Gundam' and a rival love interest for the main character. Well, the pilot of it is, not so much the Gundam itself.

Representing Neo Sweden in the tournament, it is piloted by Allenby Beardsley which is neither a woman's name nor very Swedish, but there you go. The cutesy appearance belies the true power of the Nobel Gundam however, as it can go into berserk mode where the hair cooling fins spread out and it uses its fingers as claws for brutal assaults. This mode comes as a separate kit with a red tinge to all the plastic.

This is a small model kit, as the Nobel is petite and slim, there's not a lot of material.
You've got the classic gundam colors of red, white, blue, yellow and then grey for the inner frame, modeled in the classic japanese schoolgirl sailor uniform.
Colors are largely accurate, there's just some black missing in the shoulder vents and the inside of the hair.
There aren't a lot of panel line opportunities, but I still recommend filling in the ones there are to make the somewhat plain surface pop more, especially around the bows, waist skirts and lower legs.

The sticker sheet has:
3 white lines, for the blue collar and lapels across her chest.
2 Red lines, one for her neck choker and the other for the garter belt on the leg.
Eyes and head camera foil stickers and a choice of two green foils for the center gem on her bow, on her chest. One is to fill the center and the other I think also fills the inside rim, but I'm not quite sure.

The articulation is not very good in large part due to the single joint limbs but also limited ankles.
The hair is on a ball joint and pulls out from the back of the head a bit, allowing you to turn the whole thing, for posing it sideways to mimic the hair flowing behind her (if she was moving or looking sideways).
The joint that the legs attach to can turn so one thigh is placed higher/lower than the other, giving the model a "hip sway".

2 Beam Saber hilts which feature slits instead of round holes
1 spiral beam effect that separates into 3 sections, each of which fits into the two hilts.
2 flat beam effects to mimic more normal saber effect parts
1 beam effect ground base, which is a red block with a slit to fit the end of an effect part into to weigh it down and give you some nice effects.
5 hands - 2 Holding hands, 2 flat palm hands and 1 'peace' sign fingers hand with an extended ball joint.
2 additional hands for the God Gundam (sold separately) to hold the Nobel in his arms, to mimic a scene from the show (very cute).

It also features a simple stand for the kit with a few options and an adapter.

Her 'spiral' beam swords are meant to look like gymnastics ribbons, in keeping with the whole school girl theme.

It's a simple kit with some design corner cutting. The included stand is there to allow the kit to shine in aerial poses with the flowing ribbon parts spiraling around it.
The extra hands for the God Gundam is a nice touch and shows some humor from Bandai's side.
As for the "sexualization" of a Gundam, I think this is an innocent and cute idea from a very over the top show where there's a Windmill Gundam, a Tequila Gundam, a 'Mermaid' Gundam and a Toreador Matador Gundam with a bull's head for its chest.
Out of all of the different silly mobile suits in that show, the Nobel Gundam is one of the cooler and most powerful Gundams in the show. The cutesy appearance is in stark contrast to the bestial berserk mode.

If you're getting it for what it looks like, it's pretty much spot on, but it stands behind a lot of other simple kits due to its lacking articulation.