MG Gundam Barbatos 1/100

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Fra "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans," kommer Fourth Form af den originale Gundam, Barbatos, som en MG! 

De interne mekanismer som blandt andet Akab-reaktorer er blevet grundigt genskabt. Den indeholder fremragende farveseparation, forbedrede dynamiske bevægelses gimmicks og rigelige ekstraudstyr.

Barbatos fourth form farver er replikeret med præcision, og de indre dele som Gundam-rammen er omhyggeligt udformet for at matche deres udseende i serien. Cylindrene i rammen bruger sølvbelægning som ekstra detaljer, og brystet har en gimmick der tillader rotation af Ahab-reaktorerne for første gang i en MG.

Den indvendige ramme, cylindre og rustning er forbundet med en bevægelig akse i overkroppen for at forbedre positionsevnen. Barbatos knæ bevæger sig også i forbindelse med deres cylindre, hvilket udvider bevægelsesområdet og giver et naturligt look, når den står. Taljen fra venstre til højre er artikuleret for også at muliggøre forskellige nedadvendte poseringer.

Ud over det væld af muligheder, der findes i selve kittet, har våbendelene også tilfredsstillende gimmicks, såsom en glidende og sammenklappelig gimmicks på Slide gun.

Føj denne imponerende MG til dit eget lineup og nyd alle de imponerende poseringsmuligheder, den har at tilbyde!

OBS. Ønsker du water slides til dette kit, så finder du det her

        Base ikke inkluderet.

        Ikke egnet til små børn, da der er mange små dele.

        Release Date:Dec 2019
        Series:Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
        Item Size/Weight:39.2cm x 31.0cm x 8.3cm / 760g
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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 13 reviews
        Henrik Eilertsen

        MG Gundam Barbatos 1/100

        Kristoffer Julin
        Awesome kit

        Fast delivery and an awesome kit

        Miska kuikka
        Awesome kit and fast delivery

        Good kit even for a first timer like myself so would recomend

        One of the best Gunpla kits ever made.

        This is the 4th form Gundam Barbatos, restored to what it looked like before the Calamity War long, long before the events of Ironblooded Orphans.
        It is piloted by the no-nonsense Mikazuki Augus who uses it ruthlessly and brutally crushes all who oppose the mercenary group Tekkadan. One of the key points of the IBO show is that there are no lasers or beam swords. All weapons are metal on metal, be it cannon projectiles or massive maces that only an 18 meter tall mobile suit can lift and strike with and it is used towards and with gruesome results.

        There are 18 runners to this kit, giving it a well proportioned, dense, extremely highly detailed end result. There are many opportunities for panel lining and tons of pistons, cabling and other details ripe for metal markers and the like.
        The part separation is also ideal for painting, especially since there is a lot of the insides showing through and the panels don't just encase the kit, but are nicely spaced and easy to work with.
        The eyes are transparent green and set into a black panel, so even these are color separated in plastic.

        There are two sticker sheets, one foil with foil eye stickers (not needed) and a foil sticker for the rifle camera, as well as a sticker decal sheet, although I'd recommend getting a waterslide sheet instead.

        Top. Notch. Articulation.
        When you bend or move something, there are more parts inside that move with it, some piston, some panel or whatever else will move in tandem with the limb, even if it's just the shoulder rolling forwards.
        The backpack is a whole thing in itself with attachable mounts for the two melee weapons, but also two pods that move out on a piston to fold out and assist holding the giant rifle as Barbatos wields it.
        There's also a movable thruster on it, as well as moving panels on the back of the knees.
        Dual opening cockpit, hatch in the front and a sliding panel above.

        1 'Mace' that has a telescopic handle and 2 detachable blades which can be held as knives.
        1 'Sword' (Mikazuki isn't big on naming his weapons) which is in the shape of a katana. It's literally two parts and it still looks great.
        1 'Smoothbore Gun' (stores 12 x 300mm bullets) which folds up to store nicely on the backpack
        6 finger attachments, 2 holding hands, 2 fists, 2 spread open hands
        1 1/100 scale Mikazuki Augus

        The above is one of the shortest reviews I've written for gunpla kits and it doesn't tell the story of just how nice this kit is.
        Despite the many parts and highly detailed inner frame, this is a surprisingly simple kit to build with very competent and nicely drawn instructions. A beginner could do this, no problem.
        One of the genius aspects of this kit, is that you could make your own 'Calamity War' Gundam because they all share the same inner frame and since the panels jut out from the frame, they can be modified *heavily* and still fit.
        This kit without any of the outer armor still looks like its own thing, due to how amazing the inner frame is.

        The weapons look great and lend a lot of visual weight to the kit, perfect for different poses, such as the mace striking pose on the front of the box.

        No matter who you are, you will not be disappointed in building this kit, in fact you'll be a little sad when the experience is over, but you'll have a fantastic kit for it.

        Jacob Nørgaard

        MG Gundam Barbatos 1/100

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