MG OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon EW Ver. 1/100

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Endnu en Master Grade fra Endless Waltz. Ingen andre end Epyon! En af de mest populære mobile suits fra serien. Epyon er støbt i lækre farver og har aftagelige vinger, bevægelige hand claws og endda "Dragon Mouth" åbningen på fødderne. Bedst af det hele, er at Epyon kan skifte til Flying Form. Flixible Heat Rod er også inklusive i dette formidable kit.

OBS. Ønsker du water slides til dette kit, så finder du det her

Base ikke inkluderet.

Ikke egnet til små børn, da der er mange små dele.

Release Date:Jun 2011
Series:Gundam Wing
Item Size/Weight:39.3cm x 31.0cm x 8.1cm / 860g
Billeder af produkterne kan være professionelt malede eller computergengivne og kan afvige fra det faktiske produkt

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Absolutely perfect.

I have bought a few sets from this online store, including this set, and I can honestly say that my experience with you guys are always good:) Good customer service, quick shipping and every time the package arrives (in Norway) in perfect condition:) I will continue buying from them in the future:) Thank you 😊

A Striking Gundam

An overall great kit, albeit a bit stiffer than I'd personally like. The sheer weight of the kit limits posing quite a bit, so if you are looking for a model able to handle some more dynamic posing, I'd steer clear of this one.

I'd also recommend a bit of care when it comes to assembling the whip, since the links require a bit of force to click in place, while being surprisingly frail.

That being said, it's still great looking, and I'm loving the unique bordeaux coloring of the kit.

Jan Kristensen
en anderledes gundam

denne gundam er en fed tilføjelse til en hver samling, dens unikke farver får den virkeligt til og fange blikket i en samling, den var også er meger interresandt byg, så jeg kan helt klart anbefale den til folk som er fans af endless waltz

Wille Hänninen

MG OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon EW Ver. 1/100

Unique but Heavy

Oddly enough while this is an ‘Endless Waltz’ Epyon, no such Mobile Suit exists in the OVA/Movie of the same title.
Rather all the kits from Endless Waltz are Katoki redesigns of the original suits, as a sort of “mini Ver.Ka” kits, although this one looks much more like its TV variant than the other ones (Heavyarms, etc).

Be careful with removing gates as the plastic marks easily.

This is a very dense and heavy kit, especially due to the massive wings, the large whip/shield and the huge beam sword. The connector for the base struggles to hold this kit and the wings and armaments throw off the balance significantly, meaning that it can and will easily fall off. You have to either glue the connecter of be more conservative with the pose.

The fat wire that comes with helps hold the heavy sword aloft, so it won’t droop on you.

This kit looks perfect next to the Ver.Ka. Wing Zero in an ‘angel vs devil’ scene.
Besides the weight, there’s nothing to complain about, it’s a solid kit that despite it’s simplistic transformation manages to look amazing in its two headed dragon form.
It literally bends its feet over backwards, over its head and somehow doesn’t look weird or dumb. Bandai magic.

The bordeaux red color is striking, especially in person, making this villain Gundam an all time classic.
Great kit!

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