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MG ZGMF-X55S/a Force Impulse Gundam 1/100


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 ZAFT Mobile Suitet der ødelagde Kira Yamato's Freedom Gundam i "Gundam Seed Destiny" er her nu i shoppen. Skabt af 3 dele, Chest Flyer, Core Splendor og Leg Flyer. Masser af gimmick og detaljer i dette kit.


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    Base ikke inkluderet.

    Ikke egnet til små børn, da der er mange små dele.

    Release Date:May 2008
    Series:Gundam Seed Destiny
    Item Size/Weight:39.0cm x 31.0cm x 9.5cm / 860g

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    Customer Reviews

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    MG ZGMF-X55S/a Force Impulse Gundam 1/100

    Glitter swords!

    Disclaimer: I received this product for free/partial compensation for voluntary help.

    Note that the kit is from 2008, it is surpassed by the RG Force Impulse in almost every way, with the exception of landing gear parts for the split transformation and of course there’s the size difference, this being an MG.

    The only negatives are some mold lines on arm parts and the arms not connecting very well to the shoulders via the polycaps (when you pose them, they need to be pushed back on a bit).

    The Mobile suit is in 3 parts, the chest, the core fighter and the legs, which all have landing gear (as in the show), which you partsform and then combine into the Impulse Gundam.
    The Force pack (black wing backpack) is carried by the extra jet which then detaches and attaches to the Gundam.

    The knees segment when the leg bends and the hatch opens to a closed door, which would’ve led to the cockpit.

    There are two switchblades hidden in the side skirts and two beam saber hilts are on the back (on the force pack).
    Two dynamic slashing beam saber effect parts are included in a clear pink plastic with sparkly glitter inside! Looks... great, actually.
    There’s a nicely detailed beam rifle with a sliding handle and theres an expanding shield that folds out.
    In addition, there’s the giant ‘excalibur’ beam sword which is normally a part of the sword pack version, but it is included here for you to recreate the scene where the Impulse destroys the Freedom Gundam.
    There are two dedicated hands for the sword and regular old style MG hands with articulated fingers which CAN hold the giant sword, although it’s a little finnicky. The beam effect parts for this are in that same sparkly pink plastic.
    Obviously the Force flying/wing pack is part of this kit and features a large range of articulation as well as folding wings.

    The kit is, to no one’s surprise, back heavy so you need a stand/base to display it properly. There are tons of adapter parts to connect the various bits to one or several stands.
    It doesn’t suffer overly from its age, though you can see it in some of the model design.

    There’s not a ton of panel lines so this would be an ideal kit to try some scribing on.

    Despite how much I think it’s a very silly Gundam and my dislike for the character flying it, the Force Impulse is a striking looking Gundam in all its versions. It’s sleek, it’s mean looking and it poses very well.
    It’s strengths lie in all its various equipment parts, as the Gundam itself doesn’t do anything, apart from split into 3 parts (reminiscent of the original RX-78-2).

    Just please, someone explain to me why it flies out only to drop its missile pods immediately as it transforms!

    MG ZGMF-X55S/a Force Impulse Gundam 1/100
    MG ZGMF-X55S/a Force Impulse Gundam 1/100 Salgspris579,00