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Original Character Statue 1/6 Samurai Rei 28 cm

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Introducing "SAMURAI -Rei-", Original Character by Mataro!

HOTVENUS presents, "SAMURAI -Rei-", an Original Character of the popular illustrator, Mataro.
Introduced as a 1/6 scale figure!!

Cool, expressionless, mysterious, a pair of traditional Japanese swords, and bold revealing clothes,
Various Sci-Fi elements such as her headdress and coat combined, gave birth to this exquisite balance.

Big breasts that seems to pop out of a wormhole, plump thighs complimented with an extra squeeze of those intergalactic tights,
The meaty characteristic of beauties drawn by Mataro have been beautifully reproduced!
Chest and thighs parts can be changed to undergarmentless versions, so you can enjoy your preferred look.

A flushed face part is included to utilize her R18 Ver.
Enjoy the gap moe from her usual cool beauty vibe.

In addition, one of her katanas can be drawn out,
But that's not all, additional hand part is also included to hold the drawn out katana, adding more variations to display our Samurai.

Wake the fuck up Samurai, it's time to enjoy this cool beauty at your own fingertips!

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Original Character Statue 1/6 Samurai Rei 28 cm
Original Character Statue 1/6 Samurai Rei 28 cm SalgsprisDKK 2.464,00