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PG RX-178 Gundam Mk-II A.E.U.G. 1/60


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Super smukt kit. Over 739 dele fordelt på 30 runners. 2 bøger, 1 over instruktionerne og en over historien og artwork. Masser af pistons der er støbt i metal-lignende farver og en lækkert detaljeret skelet.

Base ikke inkluderet.

Ikke egnet til små børn, da der er mange små dele.

Release Date:Nov 2001
Series:Zeta Gundam
Item Size/Weight:59.0cm x 35.0cm x 13.0cm / 2270g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great Kit

As my very first PG ever i really enjoyed the simplicity but also the Huge amount of Detail.

It can legally drink in the US

This kit (2001) has: 739 parts across 30 runners.
The MG Sazabi Ver Ka (2013) has ~420 parts.
The PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam (2020) has 692 across 35'ish runners (+photo etchings and jewel stickers).

Point being, that despite being 22 years old and a deceptively simple exterior, it has a lot of things going on under the hood and remains what is probably one of the most intricate kits Bandai have ever made, surpassed only by the PG Unleashed in terms of the most detailed inner frame. It's not an outdated kit, or at least most of it isn't.

At a glance its like a Mega Size, but you'll quickly notice some finer details, like the pistons under the shins showing through, a bit of interior showing here and there and if you look at the back, several golden linked "cables" on the heel, back of the knee and on the backpack.

It's around 33cm tall (top of head)

The colors are a handful of greys (from almost black to almost white), navy blue, yellow, orange, red and chrome plated. Transparent plastic is all clear and there's no camera on the bazooka, no foil stickers either.

The interior is intricately detailed almost everywhere and presents amazing opportunities to paint it, especially since many spots open up and the plating is easy to remove entirely.
Despite the plain surface there are plenty of notches spread around to panel line.

The silhouette is by far the chunkiest of all the Mk II grades, this is one beefy boy and probably the most anime accurate, my favourite of all of them.

There's undergating where it matters, not a lot of mold lines and as far as I can see all the seam lines are functional (panels open or split).

Only one sheet of sticker decals :( :( :( Avoid.

Some things to note - Because it's old, it has a lot of screws that need to be tight so it doesn't collapse, but be careful not to screw them too tightly.
There are two different kind of large screws of the same length, one thicker and the other thinner, make sure to compare them every time to both of the outlines in the manual.

The model heavily relies on polycaps and parts can feel spongy to manipulate.

The "toes" (the part in front of the ankle) will bend under its own sheer weight (680g) if you don't pose it deliberately and the ankle joint itself needs to be extra tight or it will tip over forwards.

The gold chains bend differently depending on which end you use, you have to test both ends to see which feels more right when put in place. I believe the shorter chains go on the heels.

It is mandatory to put on the yellow collar before the head/doing the wiring, as you can't put it on afterwards unless you disassemble the head. Lesson learned.

In broad strokes -
1. Multiple opening hatches to show the interior, most prominently the calves that open on both sides.
2. Tons of pistons, though a lot of them are hidden. There are 4 in the midsection that can just barely be seen when the torso is tilted.
3. Two LED bulbs, one in the head (eyes and front camera) and one in the cockpit, which is chromed internally and reflects the light. Button and batteries (not included) are inside the backpack.
4. The forearm panels shift when bending like the MG 2.0, but the thigh plates don't shift.
5. Articulation is on par with the MG 2.0 and has full thigh mobility unlike the ball-in-socket MG legs, despite being older. It's not exactly agile but you'll get more than enough out of it - The issue is the weight, not the range.
The arms extend at the shoulder and allows the arm to lift and lower more, plus bend slightly forwards/backwards (a few degrees).
Vents open/close on chest and calves.

Two beam sabers on the backpack with chopstick-sized beam effects and a tab for inserting into the hands.
1 par of hands with fully articulated fingers, but no wrist hinge.
1 Beam Rifle with flip-up camera, side handle and detachable battery.
1 Bazooka with movable handle and 1 magazine (the others have 2), which detaches and mounts on either side skirt with a cover to hide the rockets.
1 shield with a spring loaded mechanic to hold the sliding shield closed and open, can be mounted as a back or side shield and holds 2 extra batteries for the rifle.
1 head mounted Vulcan "headset"
3 crew astronauts "floating" (no cables for them)

It shows its age but I love it. This is my favourite mobile suit and it nails the proportions.
The build and manual are both a little confusing, it's easy to get a polycap turned around (forearms) and suddenly things don't fit.
It's nice that the lighting is included and you don't *have* to wire it (make sure to strip the ends of the second LED).
More than anything though, it's the sheer size and heft of the kit that impresses me - It makes me smile whenever I look at it.

Would I recommend it? If you like how it looks then absolutely. For the build? Maybe less so, it's a little tedious and I'm not sure the amount of ...

PG RX-178 Gundam Mk-II A.E.U.G. 1/60
PG RX-178 Gundam Mk-II A.E.U.G. 1/60 Salgspris1.499,00