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The Gundam Deathscythe EW Rousette Unit is finally coming to the Master Grade series! The kit shares the same molds with Gundam Deathscythe EW regular retail model kit that was released in 2010. This kit, of course comes with its completely newly molded Glory of Losers equipment called "Rousette" which adds a backpack unit to the Deathscythe to give it more aerial mobility.

The Rousette unit can also be folded into different modes; the normal mode which is folded towards its back when not in use, and flight mode where it's wingspan is extended to the sides to give some flight ability to its main unit. The kit is completed with all the Gundam Deathscythe EW equipment plus a sheet of water slide decals for detailing.


  • Rousette unit
  • Beam Scythe
  • Buster Shield
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review

    All of the MG 'Endless Waltz' kits are Katoki redesigns of the originals, they are solid builds and this one is no different*. The articulation is not as advanced as kits from other lines (due to the 'Wing' Gundams being a little bit smaller/more stocky), but they can all strike a pose quite well (*The Rousette wings feel a slight bit more flimsy than the rest of what the kits are like. While they don't break from being handled, the tolerances seem a little worse than average for Bandai and I'd advise a little more caution than usual with these).

    This specific P-Bandai kit features the Rousette wings, which apart from a missing sticker dry transfer sheet, is the only difference between this and the standard MG 'EW' Deathscythe kit.
    The wings are built on the standard backback, so you need to use the extra manual to construct these and NOT follow the standard instructions. The wings have a fair bit of articulation and built in extension mechanics, which means you can open/close and pose them with a wide array of dynamic poses, as well as be folded in as a sort of 'cape' - I do recommend watching a youtube review to see how exactly they work, as they might not turn inwards or twist exactly how you expect.

    The Deathscythe features its namesake weapon, a scythe, with a gigantic beam effect, as well as an arm mounted shield which can split and have another large beam effect attached.
    This kit has a unique and menacing silhouette, and has a great presence on your shelf by itself or in a collection.