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The Infinity Saga D-Stage PVC Diorama Antman 14 cm



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If we're gonna win this one, some of us might have to lose it.

Beast Kingdom's D-Stage series is launching a mini, yet seriously oversized diorama from the world of Avengers. The D-Stage 140 The infinity Saga Antman sees our ant loving Scott Lang in the midst of battle. Recreating the classic scene from the Captain America Civil War movie, Ant-Man has used his 'Pym' particles to grow in size, nearing a staggering 65 feet. In this six-inch diorama however, which features a 360 degree scene, with great attention to detail, Ant-Man is battling an opposing group of heroes. Grabbing War Machine as he flees, whilst Spider-Man is ready to sling his webs, Ant-Man in his oversized state towers above the other two superheroes. Set in the infamous airport, the scene is forever remembered for the many heroes fighting against each other in a big 'battle royale'. For fans of Avengers, choose your side and showcase your very own enlarged Ant-Man today.

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The Infinity Saga D-Stage PVC Diorama Antman 14 cm
The Infinity Saga D-Stage PVC Diorama Antman 14 cm Salgspris401,00