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Disney 100 Years of Wonder Master Craft Statue Elsa's Palace 46 cm

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Elsa, one of Disney';s most determined princesses, was born with magical powers over ice and snow. However, she struggled to fully control them, and one day while playing with her sister Anna, she accidentally injured her. Fearing her own powers, Elsa decided to suppress them and kept them hidden.

After the unexpected passing of the King and Queen, Elsa found herself once again facing her powers and taking on the responsibilities of ruling. Her journey became a tale of sheer willpower under pressure as she learned to overcome the greatest challenges. "Frozen" has become an inspirational story for little princesses all around the world.

Continuing the 100th anniversary celebration of Disney's Beast Kingdom "Entertainment Experience Brand" a high-end "Master Craft" release for fans of the beloved Frozen series is now available. Introducing the limited edition collectible statue, "Elsa's Ice Palace."
The statue beautifully captures the moment when Elsa unleashes her long-suppressed magic, creating a
wondrous Ice Palace. Meticulously crafted with exceptional artistry and hand-painted to perfection, the Master Craft "Elsa's Ice Palace" faithfully recreates the grandeur and intricate patterns of the palace, along with the weathered cliffs and falling snow that adorn its surroundings. Adding to the enchantment, the statue comes with a Guardian snow creature, protecting the Ice Palace from intruders.

But that's not all, integrated LED lights create a magical atmosphere, allowing collectors to enjoy the masterpiece from every angle. With only 3000 pieces available worldwide, this dreamlike collectible statue is a must-have for fans. Secure your order today exclusively from an official Beast Kingdom outlet.

Limited to 3000 sets worldwide.

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Disney 100 Years of Wonder Master Craft Statue Elsa's Palace 46 cm
Disney 100 Years of Wonder Master Craft Statue Elsa's Palace 46 cm Sale priceDKK 3.204,00