Evangelion 4.0 Plastic Model Kit 1/400 Evangelion Production Model-New 02 JA-02 Body Assembly Cannibalized) 22 cm

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Evangelion Production Model-New 02 a(JA-02 Body Assembly Cannibalized) that appeared in "EVANGELION:3.0+1.0 THRICE UPON A TIME" is now available as a 1/400 scale plastic model kit!

This model kit features precise joint design employing CAD technology and a sophisticated form created by the hands of highly-skilled sculptors resulting in an all-new Evangelion model kit.

This is a multi-colored kit with some parts pre-painted, allowing users to recreate Evangelion Production Model-New 02 a(JA-02 Body Assembly Cannibalized) just by assembling.

Product Specifications:
·Special weapon holding hands are included, which allow the model to hold the two types of included weapons and signal termination plug.
·The model can also hold the large armaments included with the separately sold Evangelion Production Model-08? to recreate scenes from the movie.
·The model can be displayed without the back equipment by swapping out parts.
·The separately sold M.S.G NEW FLYING BASE can also be attached to recreate the dynamic poses from combat scenes in the movie.

Included Items:
·Weapon: Three-Barreled Gatling Gun
·Weapon: Naginata
·Signal Termination Plug (Two Modes)
·Waist Replacement Part to Equip the Signal Termination Plug
·Replacement Part to Display with Back Equipment Removed
·Rear Replacement Part With Connection Point to Attach the Separately Sold M.S.G NEW FLYING BASE
·Included Hands: Closed (Right), Open 1 (Left and Right), Open 2 (Left and Right), Weapon Holding 1 (Left and Right), Weapon Holding 2 (Left and Right)

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